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When you come to OS Dental, our skilled dentist and team will perform an initial oral examination. During this examination, we will check your smile for signs of damage, decay or abnormalities. Our examinations may consist of a visual inspection, where we will look at each of your teeth and your gums, checking for weakness and damage.

Our dentist may recommend that we use digital X-rays to get a better look at deeper aspects of your smile. Using technology can help our team get a more complete picture of your overall oral health. While at OS Dental, we may also perform an oral cancer screening, where we check for any abnormalities in your oral tissue.

After our examination, our dentist and team will begin the dental cleaning. We recommend that you get a dental cleaning at least twice per year, typically in six-month cycles. Dental cleanings are one of the most important things you can do to protect your smile from damage and decay.

Our dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth, cleaning parts of your smile that can’t be reached during everyday at-home teeth brushing. After the cleaning, we will floss and polish your teeth, helping you to have a bright, healthy smile that you feel great in.

Our dental cleanings and exams in Orange, California, are fast, easy and comfortable. Our amazing team will help you feel relaxed and at-ease during your appointment. If you are due for a dental cleaning, call our office at 714.823.3344 to schedule your appointment at OS Dental.