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Have you been wanting to find a practical way to assist in preventing cavities, damage and decay? If so, we may have a solution that could work for you. At OS Dental, our dentist may recommend that you get a dental sealant to protect your teeth from decay. Dental sealants are a simple, preventive treatment that can be performed during your regularly scheduled dental appointments.

Dental sealants are typically made from a clear or tooth-colored resin material. The sealant is gently painted onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth, creating a smooth coating over the grooves of the tooth’s surface. When applied, the sealant acts as a barrier between your teeth and bacteria. Dental sealants look and feel natural, blending in with your smile perfectly.

Typically, our dentist recommends dental sealants for children to protect their permanent teeth as they grow. Adults can use dental sealants, too. The use of dental sealants is dependent on your smile’s current state of health and our dentist’s judgement.

No treatment is 100% perfect at preventing cavities and decay, but when paired with proper everyday dental hygiene, dental sealants can be an effective, practical way to prevent dental decay and maintain your oral health. If you are interested in getting dental sealants in Orange, California, call our office at 714.823.3344. Our skilled team would be happy to talk to you in-depth about this easy procedure!