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Teeth whitening is a great way to noticeably improve the look of your smile. The treatment is quick, easy and works more effectively than many over-the-counter treatments. If you are interested in professional teeth whitening in Orange, California, call 714.823.3344 for an appointment today!

There are many different reasons why teeth can become discolored over time. Some of the common reasons why teeth become stained include:

  • Natural aging of the enamel
  • Exposure to certain food and drinks, like coffee or wine
  • Not keeping up with dental hygiene habits
  • Certain illnesses, diseases or medications
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride, also known as fluorosis

Depending on your personal needs, our dentist may recommend either a take-home or in-office treatment. A take-home treatment can be completed by the patient in the comfort of their own home over the course of several weeks. An in-office treatment can be completed in one short visit to OS Dental. Both provide professional level whitening that are not matched by over-the-counter treatments.

While professional whitening is more effective than non-professional treatments, it can fade over time. Our office recommends revisiting our practice for additional treatments in order to keep your smile bright and beautiful. If you would like to plan your first whitening (or schedule a “touch-up”), call 714.823.3344 to schedule an appointment.