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Dental implants are dental restorations that can restore missing or lost teeth. These, along with other restoration procedures, can give patients a full, lasting smile. In particular, dental implants are used to replace all parts of the tooth — including both the top crown and root of the tooth.

The major sections of the tooth include the surgical post, the abutment and the top restoration. Each is made of a biocompatible material that works well with natural dental structures and soft tissue. The post is made of titanium for greater durability and stability. This post is screwed into the hard bone of the jaw, providing a strong root foundation for the rest of the implant. If necessary, our dentist may recommend a bone grafting procedure to replace lost tissue. This surgical site will need to heal before the top restoration is placed. After the surgical post is planted, our dentist can place the abutment. This is what the dental restoration will be attached to, most often a prosthetic dental crown. Once completed, the implant will complete or create a natural-looking smile.

With dental implants in Orange, California, we can drastically improve your smile! Keep smiling for years to come and reach out at 714.823.3344 for an appointment today!