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The pulp in your tooth contains everything your tooth needs to stay healthy. However, even if that pulp becomes infected, the structure of your tooth can be preserved even after the pulp has been removed. If your tooth is damaged by decay or trauma even if that damage is not easily visible, the pulp in your tooth can become infected. You may experience some sensitivity or pain and even swelling. If the infection is not treated, serious health problems can result. If you have a tooth that is feeling a little tender, you should contact OS Dental at 714.823.3344.

Our dentist may suggest treating the problem with root canal therapy. This treatment involves accessing and removing the infected pulp from your tooth, cleaning and sealing the inside of your tooth and replacing the pulp with a medicated material. To make sure that your tooth is protected and that it will look and function as it should, we will place a crown over it. Our office uses modern pain-management techniques to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your visit, and root canal therapy in Orange, California, can help you avoid an extraction. If you are experiencing problems with your smile, call our office, and our team will schedule you for an appointment.