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Gum recession increases your risk for tooth loss by exposing your tooth roots. There are several factors which may contribute to gum recession, including:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Overaggressive brushing
  • Smoking or the use of other tobacco products

Common symptoms of gum recession include:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Inflammation
  • Bad breath
  • Easy bleeding of the gums
  • Teeth that look longer than normal

Gum recession occurs gradually in the earliest stages of development and may go unnoticed for some time. We strongly encourage you to visit our dentist regularly, who will be able to diagnose gum recession and provide you with treatments to help restore your gums, smile and oral health. There are a variety of treatments available depending on your individual needs.

If your gum recession is allowed to progress, it may eventually be necessary for our dentist to perform a soft tissue grafting procedure. Also known as gum grafting, this treatment involves taking some gum tissue from another area of your mouth and placing it onto the area where your gum tissue has receded. The gum graft will then integrate into the treated area to provide you with a healthier and more even gum line.

For more information about gum recession and soft tissue grafting in Orange, California, and to set up an appointment with our dentist, please call OS Dental today at 714.823.3344.