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If your teeth have been damaged by an injury, by cavities or by gum disease, we invite you to come to OS Dental. When you visit our practice, you can count on our dentist to effectively treat and restore your smile. The procedures available at our office help us effectively provide restorative dentistry in Orange, California, to our patients. Depending on the extent of the damage and the stability of the remaining structures, we may recommend any of the following:

Our dentist and our team will thoroughly examine your teeth and other oral structures before recommending a particular treatment. We will also work with every patient to make sure they are comfortable with whatever procedure we recommend. At our office, we provide restoration for everything from mild to moderate damage. Whether you have a small cavity, are missing a single tooth, or are missing major dental tissue and bone, we can provide you with a full restoration. If you would like to repair your smile and keep it healthy for years to come, call 714.823.3344 for an appointment today. At your appointment, you will be able to consult with our dentist and choose the right restoration for you. Our office is ready to help you regain a beautiful, complete smile!