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If you are an older teen or young adult, at some point you will experience the eruption of your third molars, which are also called wisdom teeth. They get their name because they come in later in life, when a person is “older and wiser.” For most people, there is not enough space in their smiles for these teeth to properly come in. As a result, they may remain inside the gums, which is a condition known as impaction. Or, they may come in at an improper angle, which can promote dental damage and tooth decay. This condition can also lead to alignment problems, cysts, damage to the jawbone and even problems with the gums or other oral tissues.

Regular visits with our dentist at OS Dental can help us detect wisdom teeth that are about to erupt and address them before they become a problem. When you visit our office, we will carefully examine your teeth and mouth, keep you as comfortable as possible during your appointment, and provide you with aftercare instructions. If you are experiencing some dental discomfort and would like to find out if you could benefit from wisdom teeth extraction in Orange, California, call our office today at 714.823.3344. A member of our team will be happy to help you schedule an appointment.